Must Love Traif

The diary of one girl's attempt to find a Jewish man who loves bacon as much as she does.

The Sweetest Thing

There is nothing as sweet as a kiss from my two year old niece. It’s pure and innocent and brightens my day.


Aside from being terse, I have been told that I am freakishly strong and once that I have shoulders like a man (think swimmer’s shoulders). So, I’m a hulking brute who doesn’t say much. Great.

Life is too short for shitty sex and bad relationships.
So go find someone who fucks you right and treats you how you deserve to be treated.

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Apparently, I am terse. Why has no one told me before?

I Hate Myself Right Now

Had a second date with this guy from Phoenix who is kind of Canadian. I’ll call him la petite since he is a bit on the small side. Anyway, took me to a speakeasy. He wore a tie and was so adorable and sweet. Of course, I’m not attracted to him. Why would I be? He treats me well and knows what he wants. This is so fucked up.

Oh Yeah!

A pint of Ben & Jerry’s and crappy TV. Perfect!

Noted and Saved

I’m Done After Today

Drinking rum and watching reality TV. I have fallen so far.

Word Association

If you have “taco” in your screen name I’m not writing you back. In fact, I already hate you.

I Want a Bottle of Wine and a Straw

I need some cheering up. I think I’ll go see my niece later. A hug from her is the best pick me up ever. Also, she’ll probably be the only kid in my life since my ovaries will shrivel and die before I meet someone. I’m four Dove squares into my pity party.