Must Love Traif

The diary of one girl's attempt to find a Jewish man who loves bacon as much as she does.

Back in the Swing of Things

I have a date tomorrow with a Canadian fellow who has a penchant for speaking French. The only French I know is food related. I imagine our conversation will go something like this:

him: parlez-vous francais?

me: croissant

him: comment allez vous?

me: camembert

Wouldn’t be the worst conversation I had. That still goes to the fellow who talked about milking a cow and getting pooped on.


The only thing more painful than working on my resume is putting together an online dating profile. My attention span plummets. I’d rather iron. 


Back on Okc. I feel like it’s prudent to have other options since Mel can’t/won’t make a commitment. Also, maybe I’ll meet a guy whose balls have descended.

Glutton for Punishment

Mel came over last night. I straightforwardly told him that our beach vacay was confusing for me because he said he wasn’t ready for anything serious, but then he invited me to the beach where we stayed with his brother. While there he was distant to the point where I thought he regretted inviting me.I told him all of this. He said the vacay was kind of a test to see how we’d do being together for four nights and three days. He hadn’t noticed the distance. He said it was an unconscious reaction to him being afraid of relationships since his fiance dumped him three years ago. I said he had to get his shit together and suggested he go talk to someone. He said he wouldn’t. I said he was stubborn. He agreed. We watched tv. He rested his head on my shoulder and closed his eyes. He was very comfortable and, dammit, so was I. I don’t know what it is about him that keeps drawing me in. I suppose I like that he’s so comfortable with me. I like that he likes me taking care of him. I don’t think he’s knowingly using me. I’m sure I’ll regret this later. I’m probably a giant sucker.

A Special Evening

I want to go home and watch crappy reality tv while drinking a bottle of my favorite wine and eating Cheerios. Perfect night in.

Snooze Fest

I’m so frustrated with Mel that I don’t know what to say, anymore. Makes for a boring blog.

I Hate Mondays

There was a man standing behind me on the Metro who was panting so hard he sounded like my mom’s dog when there’s a hamburger nearby. I hate Mondays.

I Didn’t See that Coming

I bought a homeless guy a sandwich and a drink and he said, “you’re trying to make me fat.” Okay…


Mel is making me crazy. He has more ups and downs than a yo-yo. When he gets back from his family time I am going to bluntly ask him if he’s over “us” because I just can’t tell what his deal is. I’m done with his bullshit. If he’s not 100% in I’m 100% out. That’s it. There were some promising prospects on okcupid. Of course, they probably met the loves of their lives in the last two weeks. Have I mentioned how much I hate dating?

Love at First Swig

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