Must Love Traif

The diary of one girl's attempt to find a Jewish man who loves bacon as much as she does.

Crap, Crap, Crap

My bf met Mel and she liked him. I’m a bit terrified about where this is going.

Unleavened Nosh

If I Could Turn Back Time

I would never have suggested to this guy I went on one date with that we be friends. He keeps trying to change my mind, though I made it very clear I am not interested in anything more. Also, he’s a total douche. He asked me to hang out last night even though I’ve told him countless times that my dad is visiting from overseas and I’d be spending all my time with him (I only see him twice a year). He texts me, “wow, you must really like your dad.” Umm, I love my dad and he will always be my number one priority when he’s in town.

This guy is getting on my last nerve.

Explain Yourself

Mel invited me to a gathering with his friends. He said there’d be one other couple there. Does that mean he thinks we’re a couple? We’ve only been on 4 dates.

Happy Day

Sitting in a park basking in the sun. It’s beyond glorious.


Really? Why?

So Mel and I are going out again on Saturday. Plus he plans on having a barbecue with some of his friends and he said he’d like for me to be there. I bitch and moan all the time about guys not liking me, but when they do I can’t figure out why. 

Pre-Passover Binge


Watch: Jewish a cappella group Six13 give ‘Frozen' the Passover treatment

This and the slice of cheesecake I just ate made my day.

No Win Situation

Should you be held to an invitation extended while drinking? I invited someone to Passover while a few cocktails in and came to regret it. After the invite this “friend” became increasingly affectionate and it made me very uncomfortable. I invited him because he had nowhere else to go, not for any other reason. I made up an excuse why I couldn’t honor the invite, but I feel terrible. It was beyond rude. On the flip side, he makes me uncomfortable and I want to enjoy the night with my family. Sigh, it’s a no win situation.