Must Love Traif

The diary of one girl's attempt to find a Jewish man who loves bacon as much as she does.
I’m still working stuff out, but this was too good to ignore.

I’m still working stuff out, but this was too good to ignore.

Time Out

I don’t know what to say, anymore. I think I’m going to take a break from blogging. I need to get my head in order and try and get back to liking myself.

Best Friends

I think Cary Grant has gone the way of the dodo. I haven’t heard from him in several days and he’s usually very attentive. Oh well. At least I have my best friends, wine, TV, and ice cream to support me.

My blog is so easy.

My blog is so easy.

Self Destructive

I’ve been eating my feelings all day and now my dress is tight and I feel worse than before. I’d go home and drink my feelings, but I have a date with Cary Grant. I’m bloated and moody, the perfect combination to push a guy away. 

The smarter the woman is, the more difficult it is for her to find the right man.

Oprah Winfrey   (via thatkindofwoman, oldsimplynorule) (via britaniiii)

Ye of Little Faith

The new guy (whom I will now refer to as Cary Grant) is very polite and mature and quite possibly the most classically handsome man I’ve dated. That said, I feel like he must be hiding something. My opinion of men is quite low these days thanks to a number of lewd message and wretched dates, so I can’t believe that this guy is for real. I feel like a wild eyed pervert is going to jump out at me the minute I let my guard down. 

Men don't have a monopoly on bad behavior



After reading all these blogs regarding the poor messaging etiquette of men, I expected nothing but perfect behavior from women — I mean glass house and stones, pot and kettle, etc. — but this is not the case. I have found that less than 5% of the women who message me have taken the time to even…

First of all, I’m sorry that you have unrealistic expectations of women being “perfect”. And you’re an asshole for thinking that in the first place. We have never stated that we were perfect, especially on dating sites. Secondly, I’m annoyed that you said you find women “boring” on dating websites and have apparently discovered a bullshit defense for men and their innapropriate behavior -because they’re at least humorous… ? If you feel left out because there aren’t any tumblr blogs about women behaving badly on dating sites, then I don’t know what to tell you. On behalf of all women, I would like to say that none of us give a shit about a man feeling left out, especially when it comes to the sexism and perversion that women face when trying to date. Women are not lazy, we just refuse to make asses out of ourselves for the attention of a man. -which the same can’t be said for you and your male counterparts. Good for you for finding some women who are interested in you. There really are such things as miracles. okcreepsters feministcaptainkirk okcupidbullshit okcupidfailzzz okcdouchebags onlinedatingshenanigans 2girlsandpof mustlovetraif

Couldn’t have said it better.

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What’s the Catch?

Had a great date with a new guy. Having brunch with him tomorrow. He told me I was distractingly beautiful and didn’t even make a move. There’s got to be something wring with him.


On a date.